my story

Once upon a time, a very very long time ago, there was a girl who really loved cooking but she was very clumsy in the kitchen. 
Her dishes are hard to eat! ”, said those who have tasted her dishes.
There was a time when she tried to make casseroles with her own recipe. 
But its taste was so terrible that no one in her family could swallow it. 
Her last hope was Vang (her pet dog). She would usually help chili eat all these leftover casseroles. 
But when Vang came to sniff at the dish, she also turned it away. 
Ever since, she believed,

the kitchen doesn’t belong to me, the dining room does!”. 
And that girl was me 12 years ago. 

        Six years ago, I moved to a new house. In this new house, there was a very beautiful oven. But we didn’t do much with it besides reheating the frozen pizza bought from the supermarket. The oven looked so beautiful and I felt sorry for using it just to reheat pizzas. But what should I do with it?

Until one day, I was invited to a birthday party of one of my cousins. I did not know what to give her. I kept thinking and suddenly thought about that beautiful oven. Daringly, I decided to give her a cake. 
I went online, looking for information and recipes. Finally, I decided to make a flower-basket-shaped cake. 
It looked easy but when I started making it, I then knew how hard it was.  After 9 hours struggling in the kitchen, finally had a flower-basket-shaped cake to take to the party. 
And...of course, what I left behind was an extremely messy kitchen.  The kitchen table was full of equipment and bowls, the kitchen floor was covered in flour, the ceiling and the walls were marked with cream. 
 When the cake was given and displayed at the birthday party, everybody all marveled at the cake and praised it. 
I remember that my feeling then was like I had butterflies in my stomach, my cheeks blushed, my mouth showed a wide smile and my eyes sparkled with joy. That was the first time in my life that I was praised for my cooking.
It was a distant dream for me then. Not only praising me, people took turns taking pictures of the cake. 
My feeling then was like I had made a miracle. 
After that day, the kitchen has become strangely charming to me.  It is like a huge magnet that keeps sucking me in to it.

When I am baking in the kitchen, I am so into it that I forget about time.
There are cakes that took 20 consecutive hours to make.  After finishing the cake, I realized that my feet had become stiff and ache as I was standing for too long. 
I don’t know exactly when I have changed from a person who lost belief in cooking to a person who always thinks

and studies cooking recipes.  And since then I have become a home baker like this. 
And now, when thinking about cakes, my acquaintances will think about me and when they see me, they think about cakes!
Maybe I have eaten so much cake that my face now resembles one!
But the surprises always come about at the most unexpected time. 
If in the past I had not been brave enough to make that cake, then today we wouldn’t have “Chilishow” 
-where I would share experience and pass on the passion for those who love cuisine.
The way to measure your capability is: " 
to do the things that you think you cannot do."


Thank you very much for reading my story!  


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