Fee: €45

baking and buttercream flower piping

- basic level-

Access to the course: 10 years

*** Works with all mobile devices and computers

What are the benefits and takeaway of the course:


1. Get to know equipment and ingredients in this field. If you are a beginner, it will help you jumpstart!


2. Light and creamy buttercream secret recipe, which I use all the time. Everyone will surely like the taste of buttercream. Also you will get to learn about buttercream processing techniques.


3. A dream "firm cake" recipe for buttercream decoration, you don't have to worry anymore about failing at baking and decorating.


4. Colors mixing techniques, how to create thousand of shades for decoration with 5 primary colors.


5. Ten flowers piping tutorials, which actually looks real: daisy, apple blossom, zinnia flower, white poppy, pansy, peace lily, clematis, camellia, rose, david austin rose.

Along with some tiny flowers and leaves to decorate the cake. But the main emphasis of the course is not just teaching you to pipe these 10 flowers, it focuses more on the piping techniques which will help you to pipe any design you want!


6. My continuous support! Throughout the course - during and after it, if you have any questions or need any help, you can email me. I will always be there to help you and solve your doubts. Happy to help my baker friends always.

What is the goal of this online course?


 As a young girl I was newbie in the baking field and had zero knowledge about this craft. No experience, no support, no time to take up baking classes as a result my journey to perfection was long. At times the trial and error cost me a lot also.


So I understand the desire that a home baker has - a perfect and beautiful cake. To make your learning curve steep and reach great heights, I have designed this online course to be very precise and meet your goals. The main goal of the course is to make baking fun and easy for you.

Also, I want to pass all the knowledge I gathered over the years to you.


Now its time for some action. So what are you waiting for. Enroll for this course and let your fancy cake do all the talking. The duration of the online course is about 2 hours. Self practice the lessons for 2-3 days and you are a transformed baker already.


The course fee is €45 ( 49$ usd). You can pay with your currency, the website will automatic exchange. Soon I will update about other currencies.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

How does your online course look like?

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If you have any question or need any help. Feel free to get in touch!

I will be very happy to hear from you and reply as soon as possible.


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